A new firefighter has been sworn in for the Steubenville Fire Department! 

Brodie Gagne is the newest member of the department and is filling a vacancy they had from a recent retiree.

He is from Medina County and is currently a volunteer firefighter there.

His friends from Franciscan University had him fill out and application and the rest of history.

He is going to commute right now but has plans to move to the area.

He says he’s excited to start at Steubenville Fire and to be a part of such a great, growing department. 

“I love the EMS aspect, I love patient care, I currently work for an ambulance company as well and it’s been amazing to actually be with patients and to see how things unfold with that so I’m excited for that as well.”

Brodie Gagne – New Firefighter SFD

He starts his first shift on Friday!

Congratulations Brodie!