As summer approaches so does one big problem, especially for the city of Steubenville.

Weed complaints, where someone’s grass is waist or knee high.

Police and Code enforcement officers have been noticing more and more high weeds, which is not in compliance with the ordinance.

City Manager James Mavromatis says keeping the weeds from getting out of control helps keep the city look nice and for that they need residents to take more responsibility.

“What a lot of people don’t understand, they are responsible out to the curb. Which means you have a lot of places that have a front yard, a sidewalk, then a grass area, then a curb. They are responsible for that area there. The officers or the code enforcement person will stop and say this is your responsibility.”

James Mavromatis – Steubenville City Manager

He says there’s one other issue that makes this problem even more difficult to handle.
Some of the houses with the overrun yards are abandoned, or the owner is out of state and unable to care for the property.