STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) Water issues made it a rough start to the new year for the city of Steubenville, that left the entire city under a water conservation order for a week.

Those efforts have paid off as the order was just lifted.

Mayor Jerry Barilla says things are finally started to get back to a little normalize.

There were so many water breaks that the plant couldn’t keep up with the water production to compensate what was being lost.

Currently they have three pulsators but they need another one.

Mayor Barilla spoke about preventive measures in the future to to be prepared if something like this were to happen again.

So that’s our goal to be able to get that super pulsator, the fourth one up and running at the plant and therefore we will be able to produce enough water crisis happens. Plus we’re going to be putting up a new water tower and the west end of Steubenville and that will link us all the water towers kind of together, so we can feed from one to the other if a crisis occurs.”

Mayor Jerry Barilla – City of Steubenville

Mayor Barilla says he is so grateful to the residents for their patience and help and to the water department for how fast they did everything to fix the problem.