A Steubenville video of an officer trying to arrest a man has gone viral.

People who took the video indicated excessive force was used to get the man under control.

Steubenville police say after watching the video the officer’s use of force was within policy.

Chief Bill McCafferty said the suspect, Quentin Hill, 18 years old of Steubenville, resisted arrest for three minutes and could not be handcuffed until a second officer arrived on the scene.

The Chief also said Hill has a history of firearms and during the incident, Hill had his hands in his waistband which means Hill could have had a gun.

“You have to realize this subject was involved in shootings. My officer knew he could be carrying a weapon. He wasn’t, but that he could be. We do everything we can to protect our own lives, as well as others,” said Chief Bill McCafferty

In the police report, the officer stated he feared Hill may have weapons and while attempting to gain control of Hill’s arms, Hill attempted to get up and was once again struck twice in the head with a closed

The officer admitted to striking Hill in the head twice in the police report as Hill attempted to run from police.

Hill was transported to the Jefferson County Justice Center where he is currently being held as an adult with no bond.

Hill is charged with:

Weapons Under Disability (2 counts)
-Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle
-Felonious Assault (Firearm)
-Receiving Stolen Property
-Possession of Drugs