Steubenville students became a part of history as they left a signature mark on the new STEM building.

Each student picked a red or black marker to write their names and the year they are set to graduation Steubenville High School on steel beams.

School officials say this STEM building will be such as asset to the students and there are eleven programs offered so far and many more are coming.

Steubenville High School Principal Ted Gorman says the students may be making their mark here now, but in the future, they’ll make a bigger mark in the community.

“It’s a great opportunity to see that one, Steubenville City Schools is always moving forward and we’re also including them because they are the future of our school system.”

Ted Gorman – Principal Steubenville High School

Students from Steubenville Big Red, Harding Middle School, Wells Academy, McKinley Stem and East Garfield and Pugliese West were all apart of the signing.

The STEM building is set to be complete in the spring of 2024.