STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – After three days of subzero temperatures transitioning into the warmup we are seeing now, some of the water pipes in Steubenville are bursting. 

So far, they have seen a 16-inch and 12-inch break which is resulting in lost water, lowering the reservoir. 

The City of Steubenville is continuing to ask residents to conserve water to avoid outages. 

The city says all distribution tanks are at low levels, and the water plant is at near maximum capacity.

”If it gets severe enough, there is a possibility we could have an outage in part of our town. I hope it does not go down to the direction, but the last time we asked for water conservation the citizens did an outstanding job on that and it really helped our reservoirs stay where they need to be.”

James S. Mavromatis – City Manager, City of Steubenville

He says once the warmer weather thaws the pipes within the next few days, they can begin checking for breaks. 

The City asks residents to watch your own and your neighbors’ properties outside to check for any leakage that may be the result of a broken pipe, and to report it immediately to the water department at 740-283-6041.