UPDATE: Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023, 4:30 p.m.

The City of Steubenville Water Department issued this update on the Labelle pressure system:

“The system has been pressurized to a point, however, we are still unable to gain in the tank as this is a long process. We understand that the last several days have been some of the most difficult our residents had to deal with, however, we are asking for patience with the water usage.

Please still practice conserving as much as you can. Please only use water for the necessities such as restroom activities, showers, and any other hygienic uses. Please do not run water unnecessarily as it will have a negative impact of the outcome of this issue.

We are still working diligently to find any breaks or house leaks that are out there in this system. We have crews in all areas of the Labelle pressure system utilizing our leak detection efforts.

Again. thank you for your patience and know we are working as hard as we can to ensure the full restoration of water to the Labelle system.”

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — The City of Steubenville issued a message to residents Sunday about the city’s water woes.

They stated that the Steubenville Water Department is in the process of starting up the Labelle system, which will have a noticeable effect on city water.

Steubenville City Manager pleads with residents to watch and conserve water

They say that when the water comes back on to be patient since it will be at low pressure for several hours. It could also have discoloration initially. If you turn on your water and it is at a low pressure, please turn it off and wait for an hour before trying it again. If the water is discolored but is at normal pressure, please run your cold water faucet for up to a minute or until the water clears.

Officials say residents will have water within a few hours of the city starting the system, however, it will take all day to build up the storage level in the tank.

The city is still asking for residents to conserve water. The water conservation order will remain in effect until further notice. There will be a boil advisory in effect for all areas affected by this water outage. There will be a lift notice when the boil advisory is no longer needed.

If residents have questions, officials say to call the filtration plant at 740-283-6041.