OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Big news if you shop at The Highlands.

West Virginia is now moving forward with funding a second interchange at the large shopping area off Interstate 70 making things a lot easier when traveling to and from the Highlands.

West Virginia Congressman David McKinley sat down with 7News on Monday to talk about the project that will now come to fruition.

McKinley said funding is there due to the bigger federal infrastructure bill that was signed by President Biden.

West Virginia’s portion would be about $6 billion and a chunk of that money will fund another interchange at The Highlands.

It’s a nightmare for not only the people who shop there, but all the businesses that need to get in and out and the construction funnels into one access. Most places like that will have two or three. So, we’re going to have our second one. It’s all funded from the infrastructure bill. I’m excited about it. They’re going to redesign some of the configuration to it and then they’ll be able to start construction on that.

Rep. David McKinley, (R) West Virginia, 1st District

McKinley explained West Virginia’s $6 billion dollar portion is part of the larger $1 trillion dollar federal infrastructure bill that was passed last year.