WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)- Caleb Smail was shot to death last January.

Now, friends and family of Caleb Smail have found a way to continue his legacy.

They created the Caleb Smail Kindness Project and collected donations of clothing, bedding, and toiletries.

On Wednesday, they took those donations to YSS for their Winter Freeze Shelter, saying Caleb would have liked this project.

Caleb was somebody who loved everyone regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion. He just had this kindness about him. And so it’s just, we can’t let that die with him

Jen Stricklin, Caleb’s Girlfriend’s Mother

It’s nice for me to know that not only do I have Caleb’s family’s support but I have my own family’s support. And the community is still remembering Caleb and they’re not forgetting about who he was and what he would have done for the community had he been given the opportunities

Baylee Gittings, Caleb’s Girlfriend

They brought everything from jackets and coats and boots and feminine hygiene products and blankets and tarps and coffee. Everything that they brought will be put to good use here at YSS. We have many programs that it can benefit, mostly the Winter Freeze Shelter.

Betsy Bethel McFarland- YSS Communication Manager

Caleb’s family said they held a candlelight vigil for him along the waterfront when it happened, and many people turned out, and stayed, despite the bitter cold.

That made them think about the homeless, who are out in the elements all the time.

They plan to do other projects in the future.