WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – U.S. Rep. David McKinley, (R) 1st District of West Virginia, believes Russian troops were taken by surprise by the ferocity of the Ukrainians’ response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He predicts we’re going to see more and more NATO money and resources flowing into Ukraine.

McKinley said it looks like Putin is now trying to divide the country.

The citizens, the civilian people, are being affected by this. They’re being bombed. Their hospitals, their refugee centers for children are being bombed. I think the global community is getting pretty tired of the Russian aggression with this, and I think you’re going to see more pressure for Russia to pull back or stop their activities.

Congressman David McKinley (R) West Virginia, 1st District

McKinley said he thinks we have a moral obligation to defend the Ukrainian people against Russian brutality.

He said Ukraine is not an insignificant nation. In his words, “It’s the size of Texas.”

He also said the war is affecting our food prices because 18 percent of all the grain used around the world comes from Ukraine.