PTTGC America continues to try to secure the one thing that could make the cracker plant a reality—a partner.

Dan Williamson, PTTGC spokesman, says there are good prospects but he can’t reveal details at this point.

“Conversations are continuing, and there’s a lot of optimism about them,” he noted.

He is making no promises about a projected date for an announcement.

“I know it is a goal of the company to get it done this summer,” said Williamson. “I don’t know when it will be. But I know the company believes it is a realistic goal to have it done this summer.”

He said if the pandemic had not happened, “the project would be under construction today.”

“PTTGC America has invested around $300 million in this project already,” Williamson said. “That’s a lot of resources. But we hope to invest even more by going forward with the project.”