Does lightning strike the same place twice? Debunking some meteorological myths

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Does lightning strike the same place twice? Can a tornado hit a city?

These are just a couple of myths that many believe, but may not be true.

Those are just two of many meteorology myths that are not based in science. 

Lightning does in fact strike the same place twice, and this happens quite often. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, the Empire State Building is struck by lightning about 25 times each year.   

Another known myth is that tornadoes do not hit major cities.  

StormTracker7 chief meteorologist Doctor Dave Walker tells us why that’s not true 

“Basically tornadoes can go anywhere.  They can go through cities, they can climb mountains, they can cross water. Tornadoes have hit major cities like Oklahoma City, waterspouts in Miami, Nashville, Minnapolis, Dallas, TX.  

Doctor Dave Walker – StormTracker7 Chief Meteorologist

One myth that is true is that you should not get a shower or do the dishes during a thunderstorm.  

 NOAA confirms that lightning can strike your house and the energy from the bolt can travel through the plumbing, charge the water, and then electrocute someone.  

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