WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– Gas prices are higher than ever before, and we all keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing some relief soon. But AAA says that’s unlikely.

So, everyone’s wondering: How can we ease the sting many of us are feeling at the pump?

$4.25 is not what you want to see when you’re on-the-go. Although that’s discouraging, don’t let it chip away at your bank account.

And no, holding off to get gas at the last minute isn’t a solution.

According to AAA, that could leave you out of gas, or worse…

“It’s unsafe to run low on a gas. You’re putting yourself in harm’s way. You could potentially kill yourself. “

Jim Garrity, AAA spokesperson

Not to mention the financial expense it could leave you down the road.

“Running out of gas and potentially damaging your fuel pump, that costs hundreds of dollars to repair.”

Jim Garrity, AAA spokesperson

Even if you’re running behind, your safe bet is to get gas when you have a quarter of the tank left. AAA says that’s safer and more cost effective.

What can also help you save at the pump is slowing down, lightening your load in your car, and combining trips. You could also carpool or do things closer to your home.

“All these are going to be like pennies that turn into dollars overtime.”

Jim Garrity, AAA spokesperson

Plus, if you keep your car in check, ASAP Auto Care says that also helps.

“The only way to save money with your car with gas is to keep your tires inflated correctly and to make sure your car is tuned up. If you see smoke coming out of your pipe, you might want to get the tune up. “

Larry Witzberger, owner of ASAP Auto Care

So, although gas prices will likely climb, hopefully you’ll feel less of a sting the next time you hit the road.