OHIO COUNTY, WV (WTRF) – Officials tell 7News nobody was hurt after an explosion and fire at a natural gas compressor plant Saturday night.

According to Lou Vargo, Director, Wheeling-Ohio County Homeland Security, this was at the Williams Compressor Station on Dallas Pike. It’s located near the Dallas Pike truck stop.

Fire crews from Valley Grove, Stone Church, Triadelphia and West Alexander responded.

Upon arrival, first responders made sure employees were unharmed and the emergency gas shut-off valve was working. Everything lined up.

Once the flames from the gas simmered down, firefighters went through the facility with fire extinguishers to put out any existing flames.

The fire was contained to the inside.

Officials say had those emergency safety measures not been working, this could have been a catastrophe.

The cause of this explosion and blaze is still under investigation.