(WTRF)- First, there was a toilet paper shortage, then there were cleaning products, now there’s ketchup.

The Centers for Disease Control suggested restaurants refrain from using ketchup bottles – along with salt and pepper and other condiments – on tables.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Heinz, which has the ” highest market share of ketchup” has been hit the hardest.

According to Newsweek, Heinz “has struggled to meet demand” not only for packets of ketchup but also bottles as more families eat at home.

“To catch up with the ketchup shortage, Heinz plans to open new manufacturing lines, beginning with two in April, with the aim of increasing production by 25 percent and bringing the total of ketchup packets produced per year to 12 billion,” Newsweek reported.

Stay-at-home orders may have sparked an increase in retail ketchup sales too. Data from research firm Euromonitor indicates that retail ketchup sales in 2020 were around 15 percent higher than in 2019, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.