Hancock County also has a new Sheriff in town!

Scott Gittings has been on the job a little under two weeks and says he’s taking it one day at a time, but he’s still feeling things out.

He’s no stranger to law enforcement with 41 years experience..

He’s grateful for his staff and says he’s honored to work in the county that is near and dear to his heart.

Sheriff Gittings says he really wants to crack down on the local drugs dealers that are in the county.

“We want to tackle the drug dealers, the local drug dealers, the ones that are living in the neighborhoods and we want to get them out of here and make sure they’re not dealing in our own neighborhoods and the people feel safer.”

Sheriff Scott Gittings – Hancock County

Sheriff Gittings says they are going to try and do everything they promised and to strive to make the Sheriffs Department the best they can make it.