(WTRF) — Senator Sherrod Brown has hopes the Senate would invest in the American public again. But no stimulus package is in sight.

Brown says the package that was passed in March has since expired.

People aren’t getting their stimulus check. A lot of people, he says, have lost their $600 a week and aren’t getting protected from evictions. He adds even schools are closing, in part, because they don’t have enough funds to open safely.

Since March, Brown says the Senate has done nothing when it comes to the stimulus.

“I would hope that Senate McConnell would want to come back to the table and invest in the American public again, so we can get this virus behind us as the vaccine comes in the next few months and we can rebuild the economy.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D) Ohio

Brown adds when they unanimously passed the CARES Act, studies show 12 M Americans were kept from falling into poverty due to unemployment. But that was several months ago.

He says the chances of the stimulus passing is up to Senate Mitch McConnell.