BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – October through December is the time of year with the highest number of deer collisions with vehicles.

Lt. Brian McFarland, post commander of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, has a few suggestions to avoid deer crashes.

He says it’s helpful to drive with your high beams on. And take note of any places along your normal route where you’ve seen two or more dead deer. That indicates it’s a deer crossing area, where you should be extra vigilant

“Be cautious in the early morning hours when you’re traveling to work or wherever you need to be going that day. Be alert to your surroundings, especially along the berms along hillsides where the deer might be crossing the roads. You don’t want to slow down tremendously traveling. Maintain the speed limit. Just be aware of your surroundings especially in the early morning hours and at sunset when the deer are moving.”

Lt. Brian McFarland, Post Commander, Ohio State Highway Patrol

Lt. McFarland says the patrol’s official advice is to try not to swerve away from the deer. He says he knows it’s human nature to swerve. But what you may encounter in the next lane–like a car or truck–could be even worse than hitting the deer.

He says the St. Clairsville Post handled 140 deer-vehicle crashes last year, and so far this year, they’ve had 112.