WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – It was a twist to your typical job fair that allowed Wheeling Park High School students to shine.

Thursday’s reverse job fair allowed those students to show off their talents to potential employers and companies.

It took a couple days to prep the shop. We cleaned and made sure everything was working properly. Most of us got our designs all set up for today to shop off for other companies like laser burning, CNC. Most of us had our projects prepared mentally and ready.

James Derrow, WPHS Senior

The students spent the day showing off skills they have prepared throughout the year.

Each created resumes to give to companies and walked representatives though their work spaces.

Company officials said this is a great way to not only promote their business, but recruit potential workers.

We get to promote our business in front of the students and take some young talent and make them aware of the opportunity with our company and we do and be able to recruit and promote us and also promote the students.

John Trifonoff, Metal Systems Vice President

A lot of the students are hoping to have made a lasting impression on these companies.

School officials feel this job fair will not only benefit these kids, but also local businesses.

Everywhere you turn around you see help wanted signs or we’re hiring and we have a need for people in this area for jobs. We are hoping that if we have this job fair we can fulfill some of that need to the businesses in the area. They can get some quality students out of high school. We have some kids going to college out of high school, and that’s okay, but we need to build up our workforce, especially in the trades

Stephanie Bugaj, Ohio County Schools Career Technical Director

These job fairs have taken place throughout the Mountain State, but this was the first one at Wheeling Park. School officials said they plan to hold many more.