WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – The 18th Street homeless camp is ordered to be dismantled by December 15. That’s also the day that YSS ordinarily opens its Winter Freeze Shelter for the season. So, they agreed to open a week early because about 30 people  will have nowhere—not even a tent—to sleep in.

The Winter Freeze Shelter is a “low bar facility.” That means anyone is welcome.

They don’t require ID or sobriety. Their guests may be in active addiction, but they are welcomed.

Our purpose is basically two-fold. We want to prevent death and we want to prevent serious illness. So, in these coldest months of the year, we welcome everyone.

John Moses, Executive Director, YSS

The City of Wheeling is allowing them to use the building.

The Vineyard Church provides the meals.

Christ United Methodist Church makes the beds.

Project HOPE comes in every Friday to do medical checkups.

They’ve actually saved a number of lives because they’ve caught some illnesses and conditions with people that they would have probably ignored and would have ended up in tragedy.

John Moses, Executive Director, YSS

The amenities here are superior to their former site at the Hazel Atlas building. There are only two people to a room, and each room has a bathroom with a shower.

Despite tremendous community support, they always need donations.

We have people who are on medications who need co-pay. We have people who are working, who need bus passes. We have other working people who need a phone.

John Moses, Executive Director, YSS

They have only one rule—no violence or you’re out—and they say it’s rarely been broken.

Checks can be made out to Youth Services System, with “Winter Freeze Shelter” in the memo line. The address is 87 15th Street, Wheeling, WV 26003.