WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – In the words of Mayor Elliott: “Wheeling very much remains a city under construction.” But, after the State of the City Address, there are many projects coming to fruition to look forward to. 

One of these projects being the long-awaited Streetscape Project, bringing new trees, sidewalks, pavement, and storm water management to the city.

“We have very good reason to believe that the long-awaited Streetscape project is going to begin this year.” 

Mayor Glenn Elliott – Mayor of Wheeling

Mayor Elliott recently  announced, they have received three bids with a $31.9 million low bid from reputable institutions to finally see this project flourish. 

Honoree, Betsy Sweeny, says that the Streetscape project is more than an access issue. It’s aesthetics and overall impression, as well. 

“So, for so long people have sort of known that the Streetscape is happening, but they didn’t have a great visual to put to it, and when you travel every day on the same streets and walk on the same sidewalks and see them, either consciously or subconsciously, start to degrade and fall into disrepair, it has an effect on the psyche and the overall impression of the city, and I think that once that project is completed, it is going to mark a major shift in the way people think about our downtown and I think the investment will continue to follow. So, I am thrilled that the bids came in and they feel reasonable, and it looks like we’re going to be moving forward with one of the largest improvements in our city’s history.” 

Betsy Sweeny – Director of Heritage Programming for Wheeling Heritage

There are also notable private investments to look forward to, such as McKinley Architecture and Engineering’s $8 million + investment in the Historic Fort Henry Club to be completed later this year. Honoree David H. McKinley says that the newly upgraded backdrop of buildings for our newly fixed streets, will be just as exciting. 

“There’s a certain momentum – There’s a certain enthusiasm that comes with progress. I’ve grown up on construction sites, so I’ve seen that and felt it. I believe we are all going to feel that over the next two years.” 

David H. McKinley – President and Managing Director of McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Mayor Elliott also announced that the ribbon cutting for the new police headquarters is just months away, and they expect to be opening the garage doors of a brand-new fire department in December of 2023 – both equipped for a 21st century law enforcement. 

“A lot of times, people can be very negative, and I think it’s so important to remember that things are happening here, and if you ask anybody that knows, they’ll tell you that.” 

Betsy Sweeny – Director of Heritage Programming for Wheeling Heritage

Mayor Elliott closed the ceremony with one final challenge with the many improvements coming to be:

“Please try to not let your memories of Wheeling cloud your dreams for Wheeling.” 

Mayor Glenn Elliott – Mayor of Wheeling