WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Bordas & Bordas announced the names of the 17 students from schools in Ohio, Marshall, and Belmont counties who are recipients of the Bordas and Bordas Anti-Bullying Fighting for Justice Award.

The 2022 award recipients:

  • Jude Hannahs, Barnesville High School
  • Jacob Shimble, Bellaire High School
  • Donovan Stevens, Bellaire High School
  • Damian Augenstein, Bridgeport High School
  • Aaliyah Otto, Cameron High School
  • Carlie O’Neil, Cameron High School
  • Trixie Calissie, John Marshall High School
  • Juanita Garcia, The Linsly School
  • Kayla Voytecek, Martins Ferry High School
  • Chad Love, Martins Ferry High School
  • Ryan Florence, Shadyside High School
  • Rori Copeland, St. Clairsville High School
  • Eric Schnegg, St. John Central Academy 
  • Dakota Hess, Union Local High School
  • Molly Brown, Central Catholic High School
  • Natalie Frazier, Wheeling Park High School
  • Jai’lah Walker, Wheeling Park High School

“Congratulations to the 2022 Bordas & Bordas Anti-Bullying Ambassadors,” said Managing Partner Jamie Bordas. “These students were nominated by teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, and community members who know them best and felt they exemplified what the award was all about. We are pleased to continue recognizing teenagers who are doing things the right way.”

The award was created in 2014 by one of Bordas & Bordas’ founders Jim Bordas and honors each Anti-Bullying Ambassador with a $500 cash prize.

The criteria for students nominated include treating everyone equally, respecting differences in others, and standing up for those targeted by others or discriminated against.

“There are a lot of awards out there that recognize the best student or the best athlete. Those are wonderful awards. However, we feel that it is also important to recognize and reward those who treat others with kindness, respect, and compassion. We wish the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and the class of 2022 the best of luck in their future endeavors,” said Bordas.