PORTLAND, Maine (WTRF) – Maine shooting suspect Robert Card was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Friday night. But the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine and the manhunt that followed was been shocking to watch unfold, and for many it hit close to home.

7NEWS alum Stephanie Grindley now works as a journalist in Portland, Maine, and was on the scene following this story since it began.

She tells us that everyone in the area was collectively holding their breath while the suspected shooter, Robert Card, was on the loose. She says that when everything first began, it was extremely confusing, especially with the shooter targeting multiple locations.

“Everyone is just in shock, saying ‘we never thought it would happen here,’ and it did. And it’s extremely scary to come to terms with that, and when you are going live on the scene you don’t have time to come to terms with that. You just have to say what you see.”

Stephanie Grindley, Anchor and Investigative Reporter in Portland, Maine

She also remarks that having lived in both areas, Maine and West Virginia are very similar.

She’s been very thankful for an influx of public support from viewers.