PITTSBURGH — Sometimes life proves that there are still good people in this world.

A heartwarming story from Blue Sky News tells us of Kristen Tunno, who recently traveled through Pittsburgh International Airport and lost the diamond out of her ring. The diamond was roughly the size of a seed, so she thought she would never see it again but decided to email the airport just in case.

According to Blue Sky, April Laukaitis, a customer care agent, saw the email when she arrived for her 5 a.m. shift and immediately began a search to find it.

Beyond amazement, Laukaitis found the diamond on the bathroom floor in between the cracks of the tile.

Kristen returned to the airport with her husband to retrieve the ring; with tears in her eyes, she explained that the ring was given to her by her grandmother, who just turned 99 years old and wanted to see Kristen wearing it while she was still alive.

Airports can be very stressful, but Blue Sky says that thanks to customer service workers like Laukaitis make a stressful place a little easier.