OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The active shooter safety training video shown on the first day of school at Wheeling  Park High School was apparently so disturbing that parents complained it was over-the-top with violence.

WPHS Principal Meredith Dailer says active shooter training is mandated by the state.

But this particular video, shown on the first day of school, was perhaps overwhelming.

“There’s a very short clip from a documentary,” said Dailer. “It is a re-enactment of Columbine using the live 911 footage. And a couple families did reach out after the fact, sharing that it really upset their children. It created some additional anxiety.”

Will they ever show that video again?

“No,” Dailer said. “As we move forward, certainly that clip will be removed.”

The days of a simple fire drill are over.

Now schools must present cautionary programs on various subjects that could be upsetting.

“Outside of our active shooter training, we are required by the state to provide suicide awareness training,” noted Dailer. “We also have to do four body safety lessons a year, and most recently they’ve added a training on eating disorders and self-harm.”

She said the school will now alert parents when these subjects are coming up, giving them the ability to “opt out” their child from a particular program.

“Doing a private one-on-one with a counselor may be more suitable for some of our students that are already high anxiety in those areas,” she said.

Dailer came forward immediately after the complaints, saying on Twitter that “the presentation itself I understand upset a lot of our kids, and I am sick over that—that something that we did upset our kids.”