JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Dozens of patriotic people gathered in Jefferson County off Route 7 for an American Freedom Rally Sunday afternoon.

Cars and trucks displayed American flags and political mottoes as people met to discuss health mandates and in what direction they would like to see US go.

Participants at the meeting in Rayland say they’re thankful there are still people who care about our country.  

You know, it’s a good thing with how the world is going right now, it’s good to see you all these people out here celebrating and having a good time with how bad the world is going down right now. People are in hard times and they’re able to get out and do something like this and get their mind off things and what not. 

Caige Hepburn, Belmont County 

Many participants waved their flags and held signs towards the highway and some drivers honked to show their support as they passed through.  

Just having a good run for our country to show some pride. I love my country and I’ll support it till the day I die.

Danny Hepburn, Belmont County