WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) – An outreach program assisting the underserved here in the Ohio Valley recently moved to a new facility. The community gathered in South Wheeling on Tuesday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating Appalachian Outreach’s new location on 3900 Wood Street.

This space gives the group more room to better serve the communities of Ohio, Marshall and Wetzel Counties.  

“Well, the mission of Appalachian outreach is to serve the underserved and ease the burden of poverty for Ohio, Wetzel and Marshall County.” 

Melinda Thompson | Interim Director

Since they’ve moved to their new building on Wood Street in South Wheeling, they have been able to expand that mission.

The outreach gets referrals from organizations like the YWCA, DHHR and the Red Cross. People in need make a wish list of household items they need like furniture, appliances, clothes and even hygiene products.  

From there, the outreach does their best to fulfil the list and delivers the items – all for free.  

“We give away everything to people who need it for the referrals and all that, sometimes furnishing whole apartments. Because when people are starting fresh in their new apartments, they have nothing. They need everything from utensils to a bed to a shower curtain. So, if people are able to donate those to us in good condition, you know, gently used items, anything useful in the household, then we’re able to take that on the road and give it to the people in need.” 

Melinda Thompson | Interim Director

“We’re not here to judge. We’re here to help fellow human being. That’s what we pride ourselves in doing here at Appalachian Outreach.” 

Wayne Hardy | Board President

Employees say they come back every day to be able to provide these resources for people living in poverty. It’s brought them joy and helped them grow as individuals.  

“It’s been a grace and blessing for me all along, and it’s helped me to really grow as a person and to understand people better. And it makes me more a part of the community and I’m thankful for every bit of it.” 

Rose Hart | Retired Executive Director & Co-Founder

They also operate a thrift store within the same facility, selling all kinds of household items at low prices. The money then goes back to Appalachian Outreach to keep them running.  

And the new space makes it easier to load and unload all the items in their truck for transport.  

“I just want to say thank you to the community for supporting us, because we you know, we’re just we’re just so grateful. And I felt like God sent us this building. You know, we were at the old place. It was so tiny and it was starting to look a little dim our future. And then it’s just like out of nowhere, this appeared and everything’s going great now.” 

Angie Scherich | General Manager

If you would like to make a donation to Appalachian Outreach, you can do so on Thursdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday’s 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Anyone who needs help can visit this new location or call (304) 830- 5197.