OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – With the freeze warning tonight, the time has come to bring in the porch plants, and protect the other outdoor plants that you want to save.

Ohio County Extension Agent Karen Cox advises covering the entire plant, down to the ground, using a floating row cover, also called a frost blanket. She says you should anchor it with rocks or soil.

And put the cover on early in the evening, which allows the heat from the soil to fill up the little enclosure around the plant.

“Lettuces and things like that, you can actually keep them covered during the day and just pull ’em up and be able to get some harvest for a few more weeks or maybe even another month. When you’re looking at spinach or those types of winter crops that have thicker leaves, you can actually harvest them much later into the year simply by using a row cover.”

Karen Cox, WVU Ohio County Extension Agent

Believe it or now, next year’s garden calendar is already out and available at your county extension office. The theme is Colors of the Garden. Back to those floating row covers, if you don’t have time to buy that special fabric, you can use other things, like light fiber shopping totes.

Stay away from all-cotton sheets or pillow cases, however, because they’ll absorb moisture and hold it against the plant.