Alex Jones, the media personality who claimed Sandy Hook was a hoax, could have to pay $150 million to one set of parents in a civil case.

During the hearing to determine the amount of damages, proof from Jones’ own cell phone was produced, showing that he texted and emailed his theories to various people.

At first he had denied ever saying it.

Later he admitted saying it, but claimed he has a form of psychosis.

Today, 7News legal analyst Diana Crutchfield said $150 million may sound like a lot, but she says Jones caused those parents substantial anguish by claiming the mass shooting that killed 20 children—including their son Jesse—was a lie.

“And these people had to listen to that,” said Crutchfield. “And then  he was also disparaging them personally, calling them names, suggesting they weren’t intelligent. So $150 million in that situation sounds like a pittance to me.”

Crutchfield says the money may or may not be collectible.

Days ago, Jones’ company filed for bankruptcy protection, claiming his debts far exceed his ability to pay.

The parents in the lawsuit say that Jones, through his Infowars media organization, tarnished the honor and legacy of their son.