BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) — A Bellaire resident is pushing the bill to get marijuana decriminalized in cities across the county.

Meaning– if you’re caught with under 200 milligrams of weed, there would be zero penalties. Bill Schmitt Jr. Founded the Sensible Movement Coalition in 2015 and has since lead the way for 22 cities affecting over three million people to decriminalize marijuana– including Bellaire in 2016.

The coalition pushes to educate citizens on marijuana and the benefits of decriminalizing it– which Schmitt says helps save police time and money and allows them to focus their resources elsewhere.

People shouldn’t be penalized for misdemeanor amounts of marijuana, not in Bellaire, not in Bridgeport, not in Ferry, not in Powhatan, nowhere. So, you know, I want to utilize the skills and the knowledge that I have and what I did for Bellaire half of a decade ago. Now it’s time to really implement that policy in other towns here in the Ohio Valley.


Those cities in reference include Dillonvale, Bridgeport, Martins Ferry, Powhatan Point, and soon– Shadyside and Wheeling.

Schmitt says he is also hoping House Bill 210 gets passed– which would not only decriminalize marijuana across Ohio, but allow 12 home grown plants, too. If passed– Ohio would become the first to decriminalize weed statewide.