BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – Belmont College had the chance to show off their new facilities and programs. They hosted a tour for the Development District Association of Appalachia on Tuesday..

The DDAA has been involved with a lot of the funding the college has received over the past few years. That funding has allowed Belmont College to rapidly expand and upgrade their programs, including technology and health care among others.

The new equipment allows their students to get cutting-edge training on state-of-the-art technology that’s in high demand locally and regionally, especially with the oil and gas industry.

“Our students are in great demand. Our HVAC students, 100% placement over the last several years, our industrial electronics, instrumentation, control, civil engineering, energy and natural resources are in great demand. And constantly I’m getting calls from employers saying ‘don’t you have any more graduates?’ No, you’ll have to wait until next spring. But we work close with industry to try to match our training up to what they would like to see.”

ED MOWRER, Energy Institute Operations Manager at Belmont College

Mowrer hopes that the DDAA will be impressed with how funds they’ve sent to Belmont College have been used so far, and that more money will be on its way to expand the college even further.