ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Oh. (WTRF) – Some big news for Belmont College..

The college has received a $5,000,000 grant thanks to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

According to school officials, the college will take that money and get started on a new building to house the college’s construction trades program.

The new facility will help prepare students in various trade jobs that are in high demand today.

Those specific jobs include a profession in building preservation/restoration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning industry or HVAC as it is commonly called, welding and other safety programs.

According to grantee estimates, the economic development administration investment will be matched with $3,200,000 from both state and local funds and is expected to create about 100 jobs for graduates and generate $200,000 in private investment.

We’ve watched this program grow both with our building preservation and our HVAC programs and we’re seeing so many new things coming down new technologies particularly around HVAC on air quality, on commercial air conditioning, on building automation and these new facilities in this additional room and new equipment will allow us to do training on all of that.

Ed Mowrer, Energy Institue Manager, Belmont College

The new construction trades building will be located on 54 acres of property that Belmont College owns between Hammond Road and Belmont College Way in St. Clairsville.

The new building will provide primarily lab and classroom space for the students.

The building is expected to take about two years to complete.