A violent episode on a Union Local school bus Monday morning was captured on cell phone video and has now reportedly gone viral.

Two middle school students were fighting amidst a torrent of foul language.

The bus driver, identified only as Mike, separated the two, and held the one at bay to stop the fight from escalating.

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Department investigated, and they are handing their findings over to the prosecutor.

School officials say the bus driver was, quote, “incredibly calm and professional, and handled it by the book.”

“Fighting is never acceptable in school,” said Superintendent Zac Shutler. “It’s not acceptable in society. And it sure as heck is not acceptable here at Union Local. I think to make matters worse, the fact that they chose to fight on the school bus puts other people in jeopardy. Whether it will be other students on the bus or other motorists on the roadway. So it’s doubly unacceptable and dangerous.”

They say they can’t reveal what punishments are in place, although the possibilities range from “up to ten days suspension to expulsion.”

Oddly, it happened as the bus had turned around and was taking the students back home Monday morning after school was suddenly canceled due to a water break.

It was reportedly several minutes after 7 a.m.

Superintendent Shutler said it’s unfortunate that someone chose to shoot video and post it to social media.

“I would question the wisdom of that,” he noted.

He said the incident shows the challenges educators face these days, and illustrates why teachers nationwide are leaving the field and young people are choosing not to go into education.

He urged parents to call the school and ask questions, rather than responding to what they read on social media, which may not be true.