BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – 52 non-profit organizations in Belmont County just got a big boost to help their operations.

The Board of Directors for the Belmont County Tourism Board have announced the recipients for their 2023 Grant Assistance Program. This was their best year ever, with $107,000 being awarded to 52 different non-profits.

Jackee Pugh, the Executive Director for the Belmont County Tourism Office says that the ongoing COVID recovery has allowed them to spread more money to more organizations than ever before.

“I think COVID impact everyone and the recovery has taken time. So last year we saw a lot of events be put on that hadn’t been for a couple of years previous, and they were successful and people were excited to get out of their homes and attend again. So we’re hopeful for this year to grow those events and have even more people feeling comfortable and safe to attend public events again.”

JACKEE PUGH, Executive Director of the Belmont County Tourism Office

These grants are meant to help “fill the gap” and assist organizations with events, projects, improvements and maintenance to enhance travel and tourism throughout Belmont County.