Valley Grove, W, Va. (WTRF) – 17-year-old Nadia Szymialis is all about Crossfit. She first took up the sport three years ago when she hung up being a gymnast. At her age, she has already received international recognition for her talent.

“I usually do online competitions but I was just in Sweden for a functional fitness competition last month and I’m going to Miami for a Wodapalooza in January,” Szymialis said.

She offered some tips to someone who may be interested in taking up Crossfit for the first time and also shared why its special to her.

“…Just always the basics and work on your form so you don’t get hurt and then you can build off of there and I think its fun because you can just push yourself and its a different thing every single day,” Szymialis said.

Szymialis trains at Crossfit Unus Plus in Valley Grove. She offers thanks to her coach by the name of Chad Blanchard.

“He helped introduce all of the movements for me and introduced Crossfit and helped a lot in the beginning to set me up,” Szymialis said.

Nadia Szymialis is a young athlete who is clearly passionate about her craft. She’s already done a tremendous job and, for now, patrons can at least donate monetarily to help for travel costs in future distant competitions. For more information, please e-mail: