WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTRF) – The Oil and Gas pipeline from Michigan to Canada could still go away for good.

The Biden Administration has announced it’s not supporting the closure for now, but the Michigan Governor is still pushing for it.

Enbridge Energy’s Line 5 oil and gas pipeline has carried Canadian oil into Michigan for nearly 70 years, but that might go away for good.

And not everyone is happy with this.

“That is a big concern for the Ohio Oil and Gas association.”

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Mike Chadsey

The Ohio Oil and Gas Association isn’t the only one defending the pipeline. So is the Biden Administration.

Meanwhile, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer still pushes for the line’s shutdown over environmental concerns. But Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Mike Chadsey believes there are even bigger concerns on the horizon.

“We are very fearful of the effects it’s gonna have on consumers. The US is the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. If you shutdown line-5, you’re talking about pipeline shortages in oil and natural gas.”

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Mike Chadsey

He adds that could crank up propane prices.

“Particularly, as the cold weather sets in… many residents use it for home heating, and a few bucks or more increase in propane costs would really hurt those customers.”

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Mike Chadsey

Meanwhile, others continue to fight for the pipeline: Enbridge has sued to keep it open. Canada has invoked clauses of the 1977 Treaty that deals with pipelines that cross the US-Canada border.

But the future of the pipeline remains unclear.

“It could be shutdown fairly quickly, which is where our concern is. And so, that’s what our message is ‘do not shut this pipeline down. Do not cause shortages, and do not raise prices to the folks that are out of Wheeling for price increases’.”

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Mike Chadsey