MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s day one of testimony in the case of former Benwood Fire Chief Garson Taylor, who faces domestic battery, wanton endangerment and several other charges after a police standoff in April.

In opening statements, the prosecution accused Taylor of pushing his now ex-wife several times in a domestic argument.

He then allegedly led police on a vehicle chase throughout Benwood before pointing a gun to his head several times.

The defense countered that Taylor never threatened officers and was only planning to harm himself.

Marshall County Prosecutor Joe Canestraro played the entire bodycam footage of the standoff, showing Benwood Sgt. Peter Barton attempting to convince Taylor to voluntarily exit his truck.

“At that time did you feel that you were at any risk?”

Joe Canestraro, Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney

“Yes, because I was not 100 percent on what he was going to do with the firearm. If he wasn’t going to be able to do it to himself, I was worried he was going to point the gun at myself or Chief Schilling.”

Sgt. Peter Barton, Benwood Police

The jury also heard from Taylor’s ex-wife Tayler Hebb, who testified that he also put his hand on her neck during the altercation.

7News will be back in the courtroom tomorrow to bring you the very latest.