BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – The Bridgeport School District, like many other local schools, are also feeling the effects of a substitute shortage.

They are not only looking for substitute teachers, but also custodians, bus drivers and cafeteria workers .
School officials say they have recently adjusted the pay scale for substitute workers to attract more applicants.

Superintendent Brent Ripley says that while they have seen a decrease in the number of substitute applicants over the past several years, this year has been really tough.

“When we don’t have the people to fill those positions, it puts an extra strain on everyone else to pick up the slack and so forth. So at the last Board of Education meeting, the Board and I and the treasurer, we discussed this and we adjusted the pay scale accordingly. So we did raise the rate of pay for our teachers that sub, our bus drivers that sub and our aids, cooks, custodians and secretaries that sub.”

Brent Ripley, Superintendent, Bridgeport School District

Anyone applying for a position with the district will be subject to a background check.