BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – So often, dedicated teachers and staff members have a tremendous impact on the lives of their students. But sometimes their long hours and hard work can go unnoticed.

Some student athletes at one local high school said a big thank you to the those that have inspired them over the years.

Senior members of the Bridgeport boys basketball team, cheering squad and bowling team took some time out of their day. They roamed the hallways to deliver a personal message to the teacher or staff member who inspired them over the years.

They delivered a personal hand-written letter and presented them with their jersey to honor them for their dedication.

“The idea is that it doesn’t have to be just a teacher or a coach or something that you see everyday. It could be somebody like a janitor. Maybe the bus driver that drove you to school everyday or it helps highlight that everybody plays a large roll in your education.”

Emma Pittner, Senior Bridgeport Bowling Team

“Sometime the teachers really don’t know the impact that they have on us. Especially, some people don’t really show emotions a lot I guess. So this way was really showing them that we do care and it does make an impact on what they do for us.”

Madison Criswell, Senior Cheerleader, Bridgeport HS

“It spreads awareness that he teachers really impact our lives as students and it’s good to start spreading this around communities.”

Colin Jackson, Senior, Bridgeport Boys Basketball

Earlier this week, senior members of the girls basketball teams delivered jerseys to they person who inspired them throughout their school years. Seniors on the wrestling team will deliver theirs sometime next week.