BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Brooke County is working hard to improve their infrastructure with upgrades to their sewer and water systems and preparing for the grand opening of the bridge.  

At this week’s meeting, commissioners approved additional ARPA funding to add back up pumps to the entire public service district system.  

Commissioners mentioned many of the pumps being used right now are back up pumps from 20 years ago. 

This is all part of a $7 million project to help improve PSD systems throughout the county.  

“One of the parts of the project that we approved today is to replace and add backup pumps for their entire system. So, you know, these improvements are necessary. If we want to talk about economic development, you have to start with water and sewer, the things in the ground and build your way up. So, that’s what we’re doing.”  

A.J. Thomas | Commissioner President, Brooke County

It’s not just the infrastructure in the ground that is seeing improvement either.

The Wellsburg Bridge is scheduled to open next week – officially connecting Brilliant, Ohio and Wellsburg, West Virginia.

The Chamber of Commerce is hosting a celebration on the bridge starting around noon.  

“There will be a classic car cruise with up to 150 classic cars that they’ll all be parked on the Ohio side. There’ll be seven food vendors, The River will be covering the entire event. Live music. The governor will be up for a ribbon cutting as well as several dignitaries. So, you know, we’re really looking forward to this. It’s a big event. It’s a big deal. It’s been about a century in the making.” 

A.J. Thomas | Commissioner President, Brooke County

Parking on the West Virginia side for the bridge grand opening will be at the old Shop and Save in Wellsburg and the Brownlee Terminal in Beech Bottom.  

Shuttles will be bussing people to the bridge from both locations.