Huge news for Brooke County EMS.

Commissioners have raised the EMT and Paramedics wage by $1.75.

Now EMT’s will be making 16.50 and paramedics are bumped up to $20 an hour.

EMS officials say they have been fighting for an increase and this was a win for them.

Commissioners say this is step in the right direction for their workers to get a competitive wage but it’s not a fix all.

They say the levy isn’t creating enough revenue.

“The more permanent solution that we hope to revisit is reworking our emergency services levees to try to maybe combine them all into one Levy that would cover an ambulance and fire and Our 911 Dispatch Center.”

A.J. Thomas – Brooke County Commission President

“A lot of our people have stuck around with Brooke County EMS because of the closeness, the contact that they have with the county, with the residents of the county and so this pay raise is going to help reward them back for that commitment that they had to the citizens of Brooke county.”

Jeff Luck – Brooke County EMA Deputy Director

This new wage is retroactive from April 1st.