New Albany, OHIO (WTRF) – The new Intel semiconductor facility has broken ground in central Ohio, and it is expected to create a new generation of good paying jobs for Ohioans from all across the Buckeye State.

7NEWS spoke with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, and he hopes this facility will have an impact that is felt well beyond the boundaries of central Ohio.

He says that the opening of this facility, along with the recently passed CHIPS Act will be a signal to the American people that the government is working to recreate the country’s once-thriving industrial base.

“These jobs are way more than central Ohio, they’re going to come to Jefferson and Belmont counties. They’re come to Monroe and Muskingum. They’ll come to where I grew up in Mansfield, they’ll come to Cleveland. This is so huge; it’s tens of thousands of building trades union jobs to start. But it will ripple throughout the state with all kinds of feeder plants.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D-OH)

Brown also hopes that Buy America provisions, as well as a general attitude towards no longer incentivizing companies to offshore manufacturing jobs, will ultimately bring jobs back to America.