Guernsey County, OHIO (WTRF) – In a post to social media, the Byesville Police Department say they were made aware of a “suspicious candy bar” from a child’s candy bag from Byesville’s trick or treat on Monday night.

They say the candy bar had a pin-size hole in the wrapper. Byesville Police conducted a field test which showed a “presumptively positive result” for methamphetamine/fentanyl.

However, police went to a store and bought another candy bar from the same brand, which also tested positive. The candy bar was sent to a testing facility in Ohio for a more definitive result.

At this time, Byesville Police is encouraging anyone who attended the trick or treat event on Monday night to throw away any candy, or not consume it until results from the testing facility arrive.

Police say they will inform the public once the results come in. Stay with 7NEWS for updates.