(WTRF) – Here’s a look back at the week’s top headlines.

Reports of Coronavirus cases rising are coming from several states across the country, including in West Virginia. With that news also came the announcement that President Joe Biden tested positive for the virus. 

–> Biden tests positive for COVID-19, has ‘very mild symptoms’ <–

He is the second U.S. President to contract COVID. Former President Donald Trump was also treated while he was in office. President Biden was reportedly continuing to work and had mild symptoms, although his physician said he did have a fever. 

There are now 2,500 cases of monkeypox across the U.S. One is in West Virginia and seven are in Ohio. 

–> Monkeypox vaccine exists, but isn’t being rolled out for the average person <–

Health officials say there are two effective vaccines, but they’re not widely distributed. They’re only used for people going to places where monkeypox is an endemic. 

It only took one year to reach a historic increase in overdoses. The CDC says there was a 30% increase in deaths across the nation. 

–> 365 historic days of drug overdose increases <–

West Virginia recorded the highest number of overdoses with 1,275. 995 of those involved fentanyl. CDC data shows overdose rates are highest for African Americans and American Indians. 

A West Virginia court ruled abortions are once again legal in the state. 

–> Abortions once again allowed in West Virginia; “This is a dark day” AG says <–

A Kanawah County judge granted a preliminary injunction against the state’s nearly 200-year-old abortion law. That law would have made abortion a felony for both the doctor and the patient. It’s still unclear whether Governor Jim Justice will call a special session to address the state’s abortion laws.

Could Wheeling’s Centre Market be getting a new look?

–> Workshop unveils a new look for Centre Market <–

City leaders and members from Smart Growth America held a workshop this week to discuss ideas to reimagine the area. Those include improving traffic patterns, making the streets more pedestrian friendly and even adding outdoor dining. 

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