Wheeling, WV (WTRF)-The legacy this one pastor is leaving behind is certainly one for the books. He’s left his mark for decades as a pastor, but this community knows him for more than just that.

7 News Reporter Aliah Keller looks back on this man’s life who’s certainly been featured on 7News for his charity work.

“I know I look too good and too young to be pastoring 41 years, but I have been, and it’s been an honor.”

Pastor Darrell Cummings, the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

After 41 years to the day in the ministry, Pastor of the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple Darrell Cummings is celebrating his anniversary. As a pastor, Cummings’ shaped the lives of many. As a member of the community, he’s fed, clothed, and helped thousands, all in his lifetime.

The story of his life is not one you hear everyday.

But it’s one to be told.

“We’ve hopefully made a difference in our community.”

Pastor Darrell Cummings, the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

And, without a doubt, he has.

Cummings has shaped so many lives that the impact he’s left on them isn’t forgotten… no matter how many years go by.

“I was in the Mall awhile ago, and a man was talking loud enough about me. I could hear it, and he pointed at me and said, ‘That man fed me and gave me school supplies when I was in the third grade’.”

Pastor Darrell Cummings, the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

That got Cummings thinking…

“‘I’ve been doing this so long that he’s probably married and has kids. But he remembers. I think that’s a success’.”

Pastor Darrell Cummings, the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

That’s one man he’s impacted, but there’s been many others through the years.

Through Adopt a Student Program, over 10,000 kids in the last 3 decades were fed, clothed, and given school supplies: an initiative that Cummings is a big part of. He’s also led Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter giveaways. Not to mention, he’s pastored at three different churches.

Being the success story he is, Cummings gives all the credit to where he believes credit is due.

“Those are my successes. The truth is I don’t get any of its glory. All of it goes to God.”

Pastor Darrell Cummings, the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

If you’d like to celebrate Cummings’ 41st anniversary with him today, you can. It’s open to anyone… anyone in the community, any friends, members in the congregation.

The celebration starts at 6 tonight at the Bethlehem Apostolic Temple.