Two suspects are about to have charges filed against them, according to officials.

7News is told that each suspect will be charged with one count of hazing, a fourth degree misdemeanor.

Barnesville Police investigating alleged extreme bullying incident: report being sent to county prosecutor

We are told that as soon as law enforcement signs off on it, the charges will go forward.

The father of the freshman football player who was hazed says his son was bruised where the strap dug into his chest.

He says at least one other boy tried to help his son, but couldn’t.

The father says a football team traditionally forms a tight bond of trust, and the members become like family.

So he never imagined when he allowed his son to hang out with these boys, what would happen.

“He asked me if he could go down and hang out with his friends and I said yes. He went down and hung out with his friends—people he trusted, people he confided in,” the father said. “They turned around and turned on him.  What they did to my kid was beyond hazing, you know. Strapping my kid with a strap. Trying to pull him with a truck. Pointing a weapon at his head. That’s beyond hazing.”

“This is not some good natured fun where somebody was made to sing the fight song,” said Prosecutor Kevin Flanagan. “This is a situation where we believe a young man was presented with either physical or mental harm. And with that being said, that’s why our office was contacted by the Barnesville Police Department.”

When the two suspects are served with papers, they will not be taken to jail.

Officials say they will be handed a summons, ordering them to be in court at a specific date and time.

One is a juvenile—under age 18—and the other is 18, so is considered an adult.

Their cases will be heard in two different courts.