(WTRF) – It’s becoming increasingly well-established that the pandemic and the lockdowns had a negative impact on the mental health of children across the country.

A new study from an organization called “On Our Sleeves” indicates this is also having a negative effect on the work performance of parents, which ultimately hurts the company’s bottom line.

The study found that when children are struggling, it can affect a parent’s ability to go to work or function properly at work. Officials with On Our Sleeves tell us that many employees are unsure how open up to employers about issues at home.

“When an employer is connected to somebody’s mental health and medical health benefits it’s important to have that conversation because the employee could have access to benefits to benefit their child’s mental health that they might not even realize are there. Or they might have access to more flexibility with scheduling or time off than they realize.”

MARTI BLEDSOE POST, Executive Director of On Our Sleeves

She also encourages employers to make it clear to their employees that they can come forward to talk about issues they may be having at home without being punished. They also tell parents to talk to their kids about dealing with stress, and they have some tips on how to do that over on their website.