The development of East Wheeling has been an important topic of discussion and a step has been taken to jumpstart action. 

Last year, the City of Wheeling took ownership of the Clay School and a proposal for an agreement with Tipping Point to provide the city with a Clay School Conceptual Redevelopment Plan was read. 

Community members spoke before this issue in favor of putting forth the effort and money to make the best decision for the history of the building and for the future of East Wheeling. 

The proposal passed 4-1 to work with Tipping Point to study the area and allow the city to move forward in the best possible direction. 

”This was not an easy vote. I’ll say that much. A lot of folks – there are competing opinions about what this space should look like, you know, but I’ll say we spend a lot of money as the city on things that we might not always have studies for. I think this is a really smart, sophisticated approach to take the time and the effort spent. I mean, we’ve waited thirty years for this building to have a future and I think that if we are able to spend a couple thousand dollars to figure out what the future looks like, that’s smart.”

Rosemary Ketchum – Wheeling City Council Ward 3

Since the council voted in favor of this proposal tonight, the City will be in conversation with Tipping Point to determine a schedule for some of this work. 

Councilwoman Ketchum says that the hope is to have an indication of what the future of this space looks like by the end of the spring.