Jefferson County, OH (WTRF) — Energy Harbor just announced pending closure of its Sammis plant in Stratton, OH.

Energy Harbor has a goal to be 100-percent carbon free in 2023 and will be exiting the fossil business through a sale or deactivation of its W.H. Sammis Power Station.

There is no word yet on how this will impact the local workforce but Ohio leaders are furious.

Congressman Bill Johnson commented on the announcement saying, “I am deeply disappointed to hear that Energy Harbor is planning to sell or close the Sammis Plant in Stratton several years ahead of schedule. If the plant closes next summer, many good-paying jobs will be lost, not to mention that the massive amount of electricity it creates for our energy grid will need to be replaced.”

Johnson hopes a buyer can be found to maintain these local jobs, and keep the plant operational.

Johnson says blame falls on the shoulders of “radical environmentalists” who are “enacting onerous ‘War on Coal’ environmental regulations.”

The congressman warns the dangers of rushing to green like European countries. He called on us to return to policies that promote energy security in America.

Stay with us as we learn more on this developing story.