Congressman David McKinley has served West Virginia for 12 years in Washington DC.

As he wraps up his service at the Capitol, he agreed to do an “exit interview” of sorts with 7 News.

36 bills Congressman David McKinley sponsored have passed. At least 6 of those have focused on opioids.

” It’s probably affected every family in West Virginia. Someone knows somebody either in their family of they know someone. We need to address thing thing, so we were focused a lot.”

Former Congressman David McKinley

He once helped a church group from West Virginia that was stranded in Honduras.

“So I called Mike Pompeo, he’s a good friend of mine, he and his wife Susan, and he arranged for a plane to go down and pick them up. That just shows how contacts, relationships, all of that works in Washington.

Former Congressman David McKinley

He says his goal was always to help West Virginia.

Even, in the end, at his own political peril, voting for the infrastructure bill.

“But it was the right thing to do. And people know that. Because now, Republicans are gonna be in control, if they thought that was a bad bill, then repeal it. You’re gonna be in leadership. Repeal it. But they’re not gonna do that.”

Former Congressman David McKinley

As an engineer, he’s proud of the funding he’s gotten for everything from sewer and water lines to airport runways.

He says through it all, he’s had a solid partner in his wife, Mary.

” She was a critical care nurse for 45 years. If I needed good advice, I didn’t turn to a lobbyist to get that. I would turn to my wife.”

Former Congressman David McKinley

So when I asked if he’ll run for governor, he answered ‘we will certainly consider it.’

“Bein’ a front row seat in Washington to see how West Virginia gets treated when you only have eight million people vs. 330 million across the country, we were always getting the short end of the stick.”

Former Congressman David McKinley

He feels there’s more to be done. In his words, “I’m not finished.”